Pattern Tutorials

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Baby Bootie Pattern 1 (Willow River) Pictorial Tutorial

Baby Bootie Pattern 2 (Asparas Dreams) Pictorial Tutorial

Baby Bootie Pattern 3 (Thistledown) Pictorial Tutorial

Baby Bootie Pattern 4 (Terra Verde, "TV") Pictorial Tutorial

Baby Bootie Pattern 5 (Sweetgrass Meadow) Pictorial Tutorial

How to make Fabric Pinwheels (PDF File)

How to make a "Snapazoo" Toy Tutorial (PDF File)


  1. I found your how toos somewhat helpful but can you please do some EASY things for strict beginners thx!

  2. Pattern 1 and 5 are EASY beginner projects, but you still need to have sewn a few items and understand basic sewing terms before you attempt to make them.

  3. My own fault that I didn't measure first. So make sure you don't make the same mistake. My grandson is 2 months old so I purchased the #3 pattern, premie to 6 month. Too small, the pattern goes to 4" and his foot is 4". but his dad is 6'7" so what can I say. But it would help to have the measurements before you purchase.

  4. hi i juste buy a patern : Sweetgrass Meadow Baby Bootie Pattern i pay whit paypal the number is :NÂș d'objet LBT-B-1005 but did not receve my patern ???

    1. I'm sorry you didn't get it. I send a copy to your email.