Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fabric of the Day

Today's "Fabric of the Day" Focuses on Interlock Knit Fabric Prints for Boys.

Fabric in general, appears to be geared towards Girl's fashions.
With knit fabric being hard to find, it makes finding knit fabric prints for boys even harder.
I am not being gender biased, these prints can be used for either boys or girls, but they are geared towards boys.

These are just the Interlock knits I currently have available in my shop. Click on the pictures for more information.


VW Bugs

Retro Classic Cars

Beep Beep

Brown Ooga Booga

Golden Retrievers - FQ

Orange Ooga Booga

Happy Tools


Firehouse Pup

Football Pals

Frogs in Cars

Safari Buddies

Sleepy Time Bears

Zoo Animals

Monkey Dots

Purple Lime Ooga Booga


Friday, December 9, 2011

Fabric of the Day

100% Cotton Thermal Waffle Knit Fabric

These 100% cotton thermal knits are different weights and widths, so read the descriptions carefully before ordering.
I have 9 different prints available in pre-cut FQ's (fat quarters), by the Yard or any other length by request.
Click on the pictures for more information. They will open in a new window.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What is this fabric made from?

How to Use "The Burn Test" to Identify Textile Fibers

The burn test is a simple, somewhat subjective test based on the knowledge of how particular fibers burn. Be prepared to note the following when testing your fibers: 
• Do the fibers melt and/or burn?
• Do the fibers shrink from the flame?
• What type of odor do the fumes have?
• What is the characteristic(s) of any smoke?
• What does the residue of the burned fibers look like? 

Test Procedures
The burn test is normally made on a small sample of yarns or thread which are twisted together. Since the fiber content of yarns used in one direction of a fabric are not always made up of the same fibers used in the other direction, warp and filling yarns should be burned separately to determine the entire fiber content of the fabric.

This test is very helpful in determining whether a fabric is made from synthetic or natural fibers, but it is not foolproof and the characteristics observed during the burning test can be affected by several things. If the fabric /yarn contain blends of fibers, identification of individual fibers can be difficult. Two or three different kinds of fibers burned together in one yarn may also be difficult to distinguish. The odor and burning characteristics exhibited may be that of several fibers, thus making your results difficult to analyze. Finishes used on the fabric can also change the observed characteristics.

• Pull a small sample of at least six to eight yarns from your fabric about 4 inches long, and twist them together into a bundle about 1/8 inch in diameter. You can also use a small snippet of the fabric if you only need to determine whether it is a synthetic or natural fiber fabric and you are not seeking to determine the specific fiber(s) that make up the fabric. 

• Hold one end of the bundle with tweezers over a sink or a sheet of aluminum foil (about 10 to 12 inches square) to protect your working area. If the sample ignites it can be dropped into the sink or on the foil without damage.
Use either a candle or a match (automatic lighters work well) as your flame.

Some fibers are slow in igniting, but then burn quickly. Others can burn hot and produce a painful burn if caution is not maintained. 
Be extremely careful to keep your hair out of the flame. 
Be very certain that you are not wearing flammable materials when testing.
Do not stand anywhere near any flammable materials.

Potential Test Results
Natural, Organic & Manmade Fibers
In general, if the ash is soft and the odor is of burning hair or paper, the fabric is a natural fiber. Cellulosic fibers (cotton, linen and rayon) burn rapidly with a yellow flame. When the flame is removed, there is an afterglow, then soft gray ash.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Zibbet Shop

My Zibbet Shop

I was doing a comparison of the costs of doing business between my store front(s).

I quit having an eBay store front years ago when they changed what I was allowed to sell there. My digital sewing patterns were my main sellers and they no longer would allow digital products. The cost of selling there was high. I let my customers know that eBay was no longer an option and a sweet lady told me about Etsy.

I opened an Etsy Shop and it has been a great fit. But, the cost of doing business on Etsy is high, not as bad as eBay was, but still high.

I opened an ArtFire Studio down the line to expand my customer base and because the cost of doing business there is really low. I have a Pro account, it has been good for me, but the sales are few. I am not complaining, sales are sales and it more than pays for itself. 

(I have tried other venues too and they have not paid for themselves. There are more popping up all over, but I will stick with these for now.)

Enter Zibbet.
It is still new to the market. It has a Free Basic sellers package as well as Paid. I am a Premium member.
Like ArtFire, it has a really low cost of doing business price.
I really like the look of my store front and its ease of use. The support staff are awesome and are available to personally answer questions, and fix any problems right away. 
The Zibbet Shop owners are also friendly and helpful. 
I would really like to drive all my Etsy business to my Zibbet shop. It would save me between $100 and $200 per month in fees alone, that I could put back into my shop inventory.

The prices in my Zibbet shop are lower than my Etsy shop because the cost of doing business is less. 
I also know other Zibbet shop owners are in the same boat and sell for less in their Zibbet shops.

Shop Zibbet and save us both some hard earned money :) Zibbet promotes Handmade, Vintage, Fine Art and Supplies.

My shop carries Sewing Supples for preemies, babies and children.

Oh, and please leave feedback in my shop after you get your order. I ship fast and I ship worldwide.

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Shipment of Cotton Knit Fabric

Here are the new selections of Baby Rib Knits, in Baby and Children's (Juvenile) Prints. All are 100% Cotton.
Click on the pictures for more information. They are available by the FQ, Yard or you may make a special request for any other length you desire.
Butterfly Rainbows Baby Rib Knit

HEARTS n DOTS on White Baby Rib Knit

HEARTS n DOTS on Pink Baby Rib Knit

Monkey n Bananas on Pale Peach Baby Rib Knit

TURTLES, Baby Rib Knit