Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Bootie Pattern 3 (Thistledown) Pictorial Tutorial

The following are Pictorial Directions for Baby Bootie Pattern 3 (Thistledown). 
The Pattern is available in a PDF Download for $8.99.
The Pattern fits small Preemies up to Babies with a 4-inch foot.

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OK, you have picked out the fabric for a darling pair of booties. You have decided on the size you are going to make and have traced it onto some type of pattern paper and have your notions ready. Now what?

1. Cut out 2 tops and 2 linings on grain.

2. Mark snap and elastic placement on right side of lining (use a water soluble marker, but don't iron over it or it will become permanent). I usually mark elastic placement with a pencil on the inside of the lining (as shown) and mark the snap placement later.

3. Place 1 top and 1 lining with right sides together and serge or sew as shown. If you can't see the stitching on this photo; The pattern's directions, illustration #3 shows where to sew.

4. If sewn, pink outer curves and snip inside curves.

5. Turn right-side out and press, smoothing and rounding edges.

6. There are 2 ways of doing this step. The easy way is to just sew the elastic on the outside of the lining, stretching it tight as you sew. Cut off extra elastic.

My way is to sew the elastic between the layers. So If you are doing it my way, here is what you need to do. Look inside the end to see where your placement mark is and pin one end of the elastic there, fold it back the way it is supposed to be and re-pin on the outside. Pull the elastic through to the other side. Stretch the elastic to the other side to see how much you need. Add 1/4 inch to that length and cut off.

7. Keeping your elastic flat, look inside the other end and pin it in place, just as you did in the previous step.

8. Starting at one end, tack the elastic in place, then using a zig-zag stitch, stretch it flat and sew across to the other end and tack the elastic at this end too.

This side looks good too.

9. Fold heel over sole with right sides together and pin in place.

10. Fold top over sole and heel as shown and re-pin in place.

Another view.

11. Sew or serge side seam together making sure you catch all of the layers.

Another view.

12. If you have sewn the seam, you may want to zig-zag the edges.

13. Turn right-side out.

Another view.

And another...

One more...

14. If you haven't marked your snap placement, you can do it now. Place the snap 1/4" in from the edge. Then for the second one, I leave 1/3 of an inch between them. You can space them how you want. Apply the snaps. I use the flat ones for the adjustments, as shown.

15. Woo hoo! One done. Now go make the other one. Remember to place your snaps the opposite of the first one, as shown below.

Congratulations, you now have a pair.
Now, go take pictures and post them on our Flickr group to share and inspire others


  1. This pattern includes 5 sizes. Finished booties will be 2 1/3 inches up to 4 inches in length, depending on the size you make. Please measure your baby's foot prior to making the booties and choose the next larger size. Every foot length is different. The pattern states it may fit babies up to 12 months, but your baby's foot may reach the pattern's max length of 4 inches by the time they are 3 months. So, Please measure.

  2. I'd love to make these booties for my new granddaughter but her foot is 4 1/2 inches long and she's only 2 weeks old. Can you make the pattern bigger?

    1. Hi Sharilyn,
      I haven't made larger sizes for this pattern yet and it will be awhile. I have 2 patterns that do have larger sizes, The Airplane Bootie Pattern
      and the Terra Verde Bootie Pattern