Friday, September 2, 2011

Ooga Booga Prints, 100% Cotton Interlock Knit Fabric

The popularity of the cute Ooga Booga monster print fabric seems to be spreading internationally, but the availability of the fabric locally is declining.
(I am trying to procure as much as I can, as I find it and can afford it, so I can have it available for you.)

The biggest contributor to the declining availability of this print is that it is not mass produced. It is printed in the US, in 1000 yard lots per color scheme. This makes it hard for the small on-line specialty fabric stores, such as myself, to come up with the printing costs to have just one color scheme printed. The best way to do this was through co-op buying groups, where each of us would purchase a roll of 60 - 90 yards. It also kept the cost down. Now most of the co-ops have quit buying Ooga Booga prints, leaving those of us who want it out of luck. They want to spend their money on different prints for a larger variety of inventory. I can't blame them, as I would like a large variety of prints too. But, I don't want to quit carrying the Ooga Booga's.

I have the Ooga Booga prints available in 11 oz. 100% Cotton Interlock Knit and some in 13 oz. 80/20 Cotton/Polyester Velour.

Here are the Ooga Booga prints that I have in stock. (Adding links and captions to the pictures isn't working, so click the links above for the type of fabric you are looking for).