Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fabric of the day - 3 New Interlock Knit "Mom" Prints

I am trying to get back into the flow again, since moving the beginning of summer, traveling with my husband's job, visiting family and friends. I even got to see a friend from High School, I haven't seen since then. We found each other on Facebook. That is the best thing about FB.

Back to my recent fabric finds...
Just in, 3 new "Mom" Ooga Booga prints. All are 100% Cotton Interlock Knits. Made in the US. They are $13.99 per yard and $3.50 per Fat Quarter. Other cuts are available upon request.
*Reminder... Cotton knits shrink when washed and can shrink up to 6 inches in length per yard. Please purchase enough fabric to allow for this, so you aren't disappointed when you pull your fabric out of the dryer and your FQ is now only 15 inches long, which isn't long enough for your project. And Yes, I do recommend that you pre-wash your fabric before cutting out your pattern. 

Green Dots, Ooga Booga coodinating Print, 100% Cotton Interlock Knit

PREPPY Ooga Booga, 100% Cotton Interlock Knit

 GUPPY Ooga Booga, 100% Cotton Interlock Knit

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cotton Knit Fabric Moving Sale

I am selling everything at 25% off to raise the money for a down payment for my own place (home and shop).
I am trying to sell out to make the move easier too.
Everything in my shop has to go. All interlock knits, jersey knits, rib knit, velour, ribbing, ribbon, cording, elastic, baby bootie pattern, slipper gripper, etc.
Please help me accomplish this ASAP. I don't want to loose out on the place we found.
My shops are: Zibbet, ArtFire and Etsy. They all have the same items, but it costs less if you purchase through Zibbet and ArtFire or message me with what you'd like and I will invoice you directly. Use coupon code MOVINGSALE in any of my shops to get the 25% off.
If you want to purchase 10 or more yards of one fabric, let me know and I will offer you a bigger discount.
I plan to re-open in the fall with all new fabric choices.

Thank you all so very much,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fabric of the day - Ooga Booga Interlock Knit

Since I just received a new shipment of Ooga Booga Prints, I'll focus on them today. I carry the largest selection of Ooga Booga prints on the net and I'll assume anywhere else for that matter. Not that it matters at all :)

I have Ooga Booga Monster prints on both 100% cotton knit fabric and a few on 80/20 cotton/poly blend Velour stretch knit fabric.

These are the new prints on 100% cotton interlock knit fabric. They are both over 60 inches wide and over 10 oz. per yard.

GUMDROP Interlock Knit Fabric

FALLFEST Interlock Knit Fabric