Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby Bootie Pattern 1 (Willow River) Pictorial Tutorial

Here is the Pictorial Tutorial for Baby Bootie Pattern 1 (Willow River). 
The Pattern is available in a PDF Download for $8.99 
*Pattern fits small Preemies up to Babies with a 4-inch foot.

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1. Cut out 2 tops, 2 backs and 4 soles (opt. 2 of those of lining fabric)

2. Mark elastic placement lines on the wrong side of the fabric.

3. With right sides together, pin tops to back matching notches and elastic placement lines
along one side.

4. Sew seam along pinned side.

5. Stretch and sew elastic to placement line on
wrong side of fabric.

The other side....

6. Pin the other side together matching notches
and elastic.

7. Sew seam.

8. Turn lining end of bootie down over outer bootie so the wrong sides are together.

9. Place sole wrong sides together and pin to
bootie matching toe and heel notches. Be sure all
4 edges are together.

10. Sew bootie top to sole.

11. Opt. Zig-zag seams.

12. Turn right-side out.

Taa Daa! One done. Now go do the other one.

Now you have a pair.

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