Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding More High Quality Cotton Knits for your Sewing Pleasure

Purple Lime Ooga Booga Interlock Knit Fabric
 We have two new Ooga Booga Monster prints in stock and they are wonderful. They are both on High Quality 100% Cotton Interlock, 64 inches wide, 12 oz. weight, Made here in the USA.

Pink Ooga Booga on Pink Interlock Knit Fabric

Asian Girls Cotton Interlock Knit Fabric

Also on a High Quality 100% Cotton Interlock is Asian Girls. It is 57 inches wide and 10.4 oz. weight, Made in the USA.

Little Monsters Baby Rib Knit Fabric
And then, we have Little Monsters.. It is on a High Quality 100% Cotton Baby Rib Knit, 60 inches wide, 9.9 oz weight, Made here in the USA.

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