Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Bootie Pattern 4 (Terra Verde "TV") Pictorial Tutorial

The following are Pictorial Directions for Baby Bootie Pattern 4 (Terra Verde "TV").
The Pattern is available in a PDF Download for $8.99. 
Pattern fits small Preemies up to Babies with a 4-inch foot.

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Alright, here we go with Baby Bootie 4. This tutorial is for the basic pattern. I'll do one with the pinwheel design another time.

1. Cut out 2 Tops, 2 Backs and 2 Soles from your main fabric. Repeat with your lining fabric.

2. Place 1 main fabric top and 1 lining top right sides together. Do the same with the backs. Sew 1/4" seam across the top of both. (You can do the other bootie too)

3. Turn right-side out and press.

The other side.

4. Sandwich 1/8" wide elastic between the layers of the Back and tack one end at notch.

5. Stretch elastic to the other end and pin. Sew across the elastic and tack at other notch.

The other side.

6. Attach the shoelaces, cording or ribbon at notches on the right side. Tack inside seam allowance as shown.

7. Fold tops over backs with the right sides of main fabric and the right sides of the lining fabric together. Pin in Place.

8. Sew the seam.

9. Pin the other side together the same as above.

10. Sew the seam. I usually back tack the seams at the notches where the ties and elastic meet.

11. Turn lining side out and pull the laces out through the top.

12. Put the soles together, one main fabric and one lining fabric wrong sides together. Pin to bootie with right sides of main fabric together, as shown. Pin at notches first (toe to toe, heel to heel). Work from side seam and around the heel, then ease in the toe area.

13. Sew the top to the sole starting at the side seam and working around heel, just like you pinned it together.

14. If desired, zigzag the seam allowance.

15. Turn right side out. Tie the laces and you're done...with one.

Looks good from the bottom too!

OK! Now you can finish the other one.

There now you have a pair. Cute, aren't they? You're so smart!
Now, go take pictures and post them on our Flickr group to share and inspire others

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  1. I have completed a New pattern with 7 larger sizes, Babies size 4 thru Childrens size 13. Bootie Sewing Pattern 4C (copy and paste link in your browser)