Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Bootie Pattern 2 (Asparas Dreams) Pictorial Tutorial

As a designer of Baby Bootie Patterns, the hardest (most time consuming) part has been drawing the illustrations. I have always enjoyed drawing, but it is very time consuming when trying to get a new pattern out. For me, it takes close to a year to tweak them enough that I feel comfortable in letting others see them. (A Virgo thing I am told).

Now I have decided to try something new, for me. Pictorials. I am sure you know that it means; containing illustrations or photographs, as opposed to writing or text. However mine will contain text too.

The following are Pictorial Directions for Baby Bootie Pattern 2 (Asparas Dreams). Patterns are available for sale in a PDF Download for $8.99. *
The Pattern fits small Preemies up to Babies with a 4-inch foot.

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Please let me know what you think and if this will help you more than the drawn illustrations included in the pattern.

1. Cut out 2 sides on fold, 2 tops (inserts) and 4 soles (2 of lining fabric)

2. Mark elastic placement line on the wrong side of the fabric.

3. With right sides together, pin, then sew top insets into sides matching notches and elastic placement line.

4. Stretch and sew 1/8" wide elastic to placement line on the wrong side of the outer bootie.

5. Sew center back seam with right sides together, matching elastic ends.

6. Pull the lining half of the bootie down over outer half so wrong sides are together. Match toe notches and heel seams. Pin.

7. Place 2 soles (1 outer fabric and 1 lining) wrong sides together and pin to bootie matching toe notches and heel notch to heel seam. Pin starting with the heel, then ease together around the toe.

8. Sew bootie to sole starting mid-way and going around the heel first. Be sure you catch all 4 layers in the seam. My preferences are to sew the seam then go around it with a zigzag, then once more with a straight stitch to make sure it is the same width all around.

9. Turn right-side out.

Waa Laa! One done. Now go do the other one so you have a pair.

Now, go take pictures and post them on our Flickr group to share and inspire others http://www.flickr.com/groups/lbtbabybootieart/
OK.....Comments Please!

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  1. So wonderful that you started a blog! I am from the Montana team. I love how you shared how you make your booties. You are off to a great start. Blogging can really be fun.

  2. Wow Carolyn! I am so going to find a bootie pattern of yours and use that tutorial to make a pair for a friend of mine . . .which is your favorite?

  3. Hi Jamie, They are all fun and all have their own appeal, but 4 is my favorite because it is the most versatile.

  4. Great job at explaining all the details! I am a new member of the team and have only been blogging since last fall. I love reading people's "stories" because I find strength and encouragement among courageous women. You go girl!