Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Baby Bootie Design Naming Contest

I had an idea for a new baby bootie a few days ago.

It came in the form of looking at other peoples booties on the web (checking out the competition). There was a pair I couldn't quite make out the picture on and I got as close as I could. I finally figured out that one bootie was vertical and the other one was right on top of it only horizontal, like a t. But in the process of trying to figure out what kind of booties they were, I got an idea, kind of from the blurred picture.

I drew out my idea so I wouldn't forget and went to bed. I couldn't sleep, as my mind kept going over every detail on how to make it.

Here is the result of all that brain power...Lol

Presenting......drum roll.....Please......

Prop Plane / Pilot Booties / Your guess is a good as mine.

These lil' airplanes must have been kept in an old barn. They are just covered in spiderwebs. You can't even see through the cockpit windshield. They seem to be brand new and even have a soft flannel lining so little feet feel cozy in them. The pinwheel propeller is sewn on and the wings are securely sewn in. The elastic in the back is sewn in-between the layers of fabric so the bootie will stay on and be comfy. The fabrics are cotton.

Oops, one crashed...

Post your name ideas in comments so everyone can see,and I don't get duplicates of your fabulous ideas. Then send me an email with your name and email address (that way I have a time stamp too).
The person who comes up with the name I choose for the Bootie, will win a free pair of booties and the first printed pattern, signed by me (when I get it drawn and typed up).

To just go ahead a purchase a pair (several to choose from), go to

The finished Bootie lengths are:

2X-Sm Preemie- 2 inches to 2 2/3 inches
X-Sm Preemie- up to 3 inches
Small - up to 3 1/3 inches
Medium- up to 3 2/3 inches
Large- 4 inches

On your mark, - get set, - GO....

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