Thursday, March 26, 2009

Save Handmade! Important CPSIA Rally & Briefing Updates

Many of you are aware of the upcoming CPSIA event in Washington DC April 1st. Volunteers are working feverishly to prepare to make this event have the most impact possible. Here is some important information:

If you are planning to attend:-Please register at to let us know you will be there AND subscribe to email updates.-Let us know if you are available to attend meetings with Congressmen & Senators. Work with planners to arrange meetings with your own Representatives too.-Give yourself plenty of time and arrive at least 60-90 minutes before the event starts at 10AM sharp. (more details on official site)

If you cannot make it:-The proceedings will be streamed LIVE at (10 AM April 1).-Many attendees will be "twittering" during the Briefing and during meetings. Follow "amendcpsia" and follow the overall conversation by searching "cpsia".

What EVERYONE can do to maximize the impact. There is a great blog post by Joli in the "Behind The Scenes" section. Here are a couple points I picked out:

-Call your Representatives & Senator's offices and invite them and their Legislative Aides to attend (details are on the site and the homepage of cpsia-central).
-Contact your local media (newspapers, radio, etc) and ask that their Washington Bureau cover the story. Or tell them of your story of trekking to DC.
-Want to have your voice heard? Submit your testimony to congress via the website. We will include it in the packet to be given to Congress.
-Blog about it, send e-newsletters to your customers, announce it as part of your email signature.

Be sure to check the website often, and subscribe to updates.
We are looking forward to an action-packed day.

Thanks for all your support.
Rob Wilson

Visit cpsia-central at:


  1. Just in time for the big rally...check out these "Seven Myth-busting Facts About the CPSIA."

  2. I don't know anyone who is opposed to the 7 reasons stated in the previous link.
    The opposition comes from having to pay for testing for each item, style or size made from materials already tested and shown to be lead free. It leaves the burden of proof on the small manufacturer of children's item (like me) to foot the bill to retest, thus making the cost of what we produce astronomical to the consumer.
    I also believe, as a mother of 8 children, that we as parents, have the responsibility to research products, just like food, to check the "ingredients" and determine if they are safe or not.
    This law was to stop the influx of lead based toys from China, but it is worded to broad to only stop them.