Sunday, January 20, 2019

Upcycling Denim Blue Jeans, Quilt Project

   I started making another Jeans Quilt a few days ago. This one is to match the last one I made for our little Vintage Camper so when the table is made down into a bed, both beds will match. I know, it's very Virgo of me. I accept that quirk.
The Previous Quilt
The Back

   Below is a visual of the process. (When I remembered to take pictures)

Cutting out and arranging pieces for the center star
Completed Center Star
Added border strips to the top and bottom
Cut out, sewn and trimmed pinwheel blocks

I decided to use Pocket blocks on this one instead of the 4 patch block I used on the previous quilt.
Sewed the pinwheel blocks and pocket blocks together, then sewed them to the top and bottom of the quilt.
Cut and sewed strips together
Sewed them to the top and bottom, then added the long side strips.
Cut out, sewed and trimmed the 4 corner pinwheel blocks
I cut 40 more short strips, sewed them together, added the pinwheel blocks to each end, and pinned them to the sides of the quilt.
I sewed them down both sides finishing the top.
Another view of the completed top.
And another view.

I will add more pictures when I get the batting and backing put together.

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