Sunday, July 17, 2016

Opening and Closing

We now have our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS which officially makes Alternative Vision Training a Non-Profit. We are waiting for the final approval stage of a Grant that will pay for the remodel of the 1000 sf. space we rented next to our current 1000 sf. space, for our Offices and Assessment/Training Center in Great Falls, MT. 
I am still working on the website getting more information posted on it and tweaking it. It is still pretty generic, so please bear with me as I work on it. When we can get grant money and/or donations for operating costs and wages, we will hire a professional to handle it, unless we get a volunteer who will do it.

I have been so busy helping set up the Non-Profit, I can't keep doing my Etsy Shop. I need everything (all physical goods) sold off ASAP. (Yes, SOLD. I can't afford to give it away.) The rooms where I have my fabric now will become the Low Vision Assessment Lab during the remodel when a door will be put in to access it from the Alternative Vision Training space. 

My baby bootie patterns will remain available for purchase since it is an automatic process. I will still be available via email, to answer any questions or troubleshoot any problems.

My Husband and I are really excited to be entering into the nonprofit world and have an amazing vision of all the people we can help once we have it operational.
We have put our heart, soul and everything we have into this project, to the point we were in danger of losing our home. I am so grateful for my grown children who have been able to help us pay our bills and get the water, gas and electricity turned back on.

We have State and Federal agencies lined up to use our services and certified professionals ready to hire, once we are operational and have funding.

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