Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fabric of the Day

Today's "Fabric of the Day" Focuses on Interlock Knit Fabric Prints for Boys.

Fabric in general, appears to be geared towards Girl's fashions.
With knit fabric being hard to find, it makes finding knit fabric prints for boys even harder.
I am not being gender biased, these prints can be used for either boys or girls, but they are geared towards boys.

These are just the Interlock knits I currently have available in my shop. Click on the pictures for more information.


VW Bugs

Retro Classic Cars

Beep Beep

Brown Ooga Booga

Golden Retrievers - FQ

Orange Ooga Booga

Happy Tools


Firehouse Pup

Football Pals

Frogs in Cars

Safari Buddies

Sleepy Time Bears

Zoo Animals

Monkey Dots

Purple Lime Ooga Booga


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