Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two New Heavy Weight Cotton/Lycra Prints

Cherries, Cotton/Lycra Jersey Knit Fabric

This popular fabric is formed by blending 10 percent Lycra with 90 percent cotton. This combination results in a soft, absorbent material with just the correct amount of stretch. The beauty of the product is not only that it allows movement, but also that the garment springs back to its original size and shape immediately. Lycra helps the stretched areas, such as the knees of the pants, to spring back to their original size, thus avoiding the dreaded "baggy knee" syndrome.

DAISIES, Cotton/Lycra Jersey Knit Fabric

It is the ultimate 4-way stretch fabric for dance-wear, skating attire, athletic apparel (compression shirts, etc.), costumes and even swim-wear. It is great for manufacturing anything from Babywear to ladies' panties, bras, sleepwear and undershirts. This blend is also popular in the T-shirt industry because the Lycra prevents the cotton from shrinking to some extent, helps shirts maintain their original shape, and also alleviates the wrinkled appearance of all-cotton T-shirts.

Available by the yard, FQ (Fat Quarter) or any length by request.

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