Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cotton / Lycra Blend Ribbing in a Rainbow of Colors.

I have new colors of Ribbing.

It is a cotton/lycra blend and being sold in pre-cut fat eighths (9" X 21").
A normal 1/8 yard would be 4 1/2" long X 42 wide". A fat eighth, like a fat quarter, gives you more usable dimensions to work in.

I carry 3 rib types... a 1 x 1 (fine), 2 x 2 (obvious ribs) and a yellow uneven (a more patterned look). 

Ribbing is used as neckbands, sleevebands, cuffs at the wrists and ankles, and for waistbands (ie. the bottom of sweatshirts). I use it for the ankle cuffs on Baby Bootie Pattern 5.

The small amount of lycra in with the cotton, allows a better recovery of the fabric when it is stretched. It prevents stretched out looking neckbands and allows booties to stay on.

Ribbing is also made with polyester, but I prefer cotton, so I don't carry it.

Check out all my new yummy flavors (colors) HERE.

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