Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hard to find, Cotton Knit Fabric, Found

I have had a lot of people asking me "Where can I get the cute fabric you make your booties from?"

Cotton knits in general are hard to find, specifically cotton interlock, in any fabric store.

I have had the same problem and have searched high and low for vendors. Lips have been tight on sources. It is very frustrating.

However....I have found enough for starters, that I can offer some for sale.

I have the following Cotton Knits available in my Etsy Store, in fat quarters.

(A fat quarter "FQ", is 1/4 of a yard of fabric that has been cut in half horizontally then cut vertically, to give you more workable fabric than a 1/4 yard strip would).

An 18 inch by 28/30 inch Fat Quarter (FQ) is plenty of fabric to make any of my patterns requiring knit fabric.

100% cotton jersey (single knit) fabric
100% cotton interlock (double knit) fabric
100% cotton rib knit fabric

Patterns 1 and 2 are self lining.
Pattern 3 will require additional fabric for the lining.
For Patterns 4 and 5, a separate lining fabric is optional.

Please note: All items in my shop are smoke free and pet free.

Fabric is not pre-washed.

I ship world-wide.
Lil' Baby Thangs Etsy Store
PS. The patterns are on sale too.


  1. So where have you found these? I am in search of good printed knit. Specifically Disney. Tiffany

  2. I usually don't carry licensed prints. I carry high quality cotton knits in my Shop,